I have worked with Wanda in many capacities – as a consultant, Marketing Director and Operations Director for my medical spa business.  She brought an incredible depth of knowledge, competence, practicality and humour to all of these roles.  She is able to think strategically, implement plans and lead teams as well as navigate through the unexpected events that often occur in business.  She earned my trust and respect very early on in our working relationship and it never faltered.  She was a trusted advisor in all aspects of my business and was key in the success that we enjoyed. And it was always fun to work with Wanda – even through challenging times, she brought an optimism and element of fun to the table.  I would not hesitate to recommend Wanda personally and professionally.

– Dr. Wendy Smeltzer, M.D.

As a long term board member of Leading Spas of Canada, I had the pleasure of watching Wanda Love guide the association into uncharted waters with fantastic results. Her passion is contagious and her marketing brilliance formidable. I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.

Dee-AnnLensen, Spa Consultant, Spa Product Distributor, Empowerment Coach/Speaker

Wanda is one of the most intelligent and dynamic women I have met. People are drawn to her for her natural ability to lead, inspire and bring out the best in them. I had the pleasure of working closely with Wanda on the Leading Spas of Canada marketing committee. With her incredible creative direction, passion and leadership we were able to accomplish many great things in a very short period of time. Applying her vast experience in marketing and communications and comprehensive understanding of social media she played a vital role in significantly increasing the association’s and industry’s presence nationally and internationally. An honour to work with and learn from.

Voula Monoholias

Wanda Love is extremely pleasant and wonderful to work with. MY words to describe her are: energetic, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic make her a successful executive in her field. There are very few people that measure up to Wanda.

Mary Hughes, Editor in Chief, Harworth Publishing

Wanda was the best supervisor I ever had in my 43 years of working for educational, legal and civic organisations. Wanda has a way of genuinely connecting with people around her, she really cares about others and it shines through in everything she does, including supervise. A few years after working for Wanda, I had to accept that no one would ever replace Wanda in my work history, and I sadly moved on emotionally – thankfully I was very blessed to report to two other wonderful and talented women in the last 9 years at the City of Kitchener, and so the good fortune I had to work for Wanda lived on through them. Despite stereotypes to the contrary, women supervisors rock!

Leslie Bamford, Marketing Coordinator, City of Kitchener