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In a nutshell, I’m an experienced marketing and communications
specialist and published writer. I won’t bore you with all the
particulars, but for a more detailed account of my professional
past, click here.

Now I work with a small, select roster of clients,
creating and enhancing their marketing programs with a key
focus on public relations, inbound marketing, business
story-telling and social media.


How can I help you?

Marketing Plans

Communications and marketing plan audit
Development of strategic marketing plan
Advertising and communication review and recommendations

Advertising plans social media ad buys and traditional media

Advertising plan implementation and monitoring
Collateral review for brand synergy
Collateral development

Social media

Audit of your social media presence and effectiveness
Create social media profiles across appropriate platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram
Manage and monitor your social media presence
Create, source and post appropriate micro-content for social media sharing


Website audit and recommendations
Write / edit website content for alignment with the brand, effective use of headlines,
stronger calls to action, enhanced search engine optimization

Content creation & media relations

Research, write and distribute media releases
Research and write feature stories, blog posts, whitepapers and web copy
Write, design and disseminate online newsletters
Prepare a media kit; online and /or hard copy


Brand review, strategy, development and transformation

Ready to chat?

Call me at 416.525.5842 or email me –

Let’s talk!
Our first meet and greet will be casual. Perhaps we’ll meet over coffee. Go for a walk. No pressure.
Because after all, it’s like a first date. We have to be certain we like each other before we consider a future together,
whether it’s for a short-term project or an ongoing relationship.
If we believe we’re a good fit, let’s work together to share the compelling story of your business.

I believe:

    • every brand has a unique story, spirit and nuance to be captured and shared
    • know your brand and stay true to it. Lead, don’t follow others.
    • marketing is ever-changing; it’s a living, breathing entity. That’s what keeps it fun!
    • in embracing technology and all its constant change
    • merging traditional media and marketing tactics with social media campaigns and online strategies is highly effective
    • inbound marketing is a critical component to engaging with your audience
    • when your customers are engaged, they will be the best ambassadors of your brand
    • in being resourceful, creative, flexible, focused, efficient, effective and honest
    • a bespoke approach is imperative to provide the best service to each client; there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ plan
    • quality trumps quantity, which is precisely why I maintain a small, select client list
    • in collaboration with clients
    • in respecting and honouring each client’s past, present and future
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